LS Type Elevator Bucket
LS Type Elevator Bucket
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08 May 2020
1 Gram (g)
IDR 01

Specification of



•Deep bottom elevator bucket for agricultural use.

•High impact, abrasion resistance, no-corrosion, smooth surface, FDA Food proved.

•Ideal for handling grains, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salt and chemicals, etc.

Using Recommendations

•Minimum bucket spacing: bucket projection “B” +25mm.

•For engineering purposes, we recommend using “(Z-Y) +10%” for usable capacity.

•Mounting holes can be customized on request.

Ready Stock Type Bucket:

LS 2014

LS 1311A

LS 1814

LS 2314

LS 2616

LS 2919

LS 3114

LS 3518



Elevator Belt




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