SIEMENS Flender Belt Drives on Swing Base
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13 May 2020
IDR 01

Specification of

SIEMENS Flender Belt Drives on Swing Base

The availability of a drive depends directly on its reliability. The major deciding factors are the quality of the drive assemblies, the coordination of the system as a whole and the temperature characteristics of the gear unit in continuous operation. The latter factor is decisively determined by two parameters: the natural ambient conditions and the gear units own temperature pattern.

The outstanding thermal capacities of FLENDER gear units offer our customers considerable savings potential, because they save themselves the possible step to the next gear unit size up.

echnical data
Nominal torques
up to 1.400.000 Nm
Transmission ratios
i = 5 ... 450
Power ratings
up to 4.500 kW
Gear stages
2- to 4-stage
Helical and bevel helical gear units



Gearbox Motor

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