Flexco DRX Impact Beds
Flexco DRX Impact Beds
Flexco DRX Impact Beds
Flexco DRX Impact Beds
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06 May 2020
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Specification of

Our exclusive DRX (Dual Relief Xtra™) Impact Beds are designed with one simple goal –– to deliver maximum protection to your belt in the load zone.

Features and Benefits:

Entire system engineered for superior belt protection
Exclusive Velocity Reduction Technology™ that deadens impact energy and reduces reaction forces for less rebound and material degradation
Slide-Out Service™ for fast, safe maintenance –– a complete bar change out can take less than two hours
Impact bar supports with a unique inverted design that act as first level of impact defense
Channel crossbeams that efficiently transfer impact energy to the isolation mounts
Isolation mounts that provide additional force reduction, absorbing impact energy and minimizing transmission back to the belt
Anti-migration tabs that prevent the impact bars from moving with the belt if bolts loosen
Angled impact bars that aid in centering material on belt
Long service life and cost-effective part replacement



Conveyor Belt

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