SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage High Power Motors (IEC) SIMOTICS HV HP
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19 May 2020
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SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage High Power Motors (IEC)

SIMOTICS HV modular motors (IEC) cover a wide range of high voltage asynchronous motors up to 38 MW.
The high power motors have been designed to address industrial applications that demand the highest power ratings. Applications such as refiners, large extruders, mills, crushers, air separation plants, blast-furnace blowers, gas compressor stations and gas liquefaction plants. The high power motors with asynchronous technology offers power ratings up to 38 MW, shaft heights up to 1600 mm to address applications such as these.
Below are High Power Motors, high voltage asynchronous squirrel cage motors that are well suited to your different cooling requirements.
Modular high voltage induction motors, with power ratings extending from 1.8 to 38 MW - for accelerated projects, reduced effort and maximized plant availability in applications with very high power ratings.
Rated voltages: 3 – 13.2 kV
Power range: 1.8 – 38 MW
Shaft heights: 900 – 1600 mm
Cooling type: air/air or air/water heat exchanger, open cooling
No. of poles: 2 – 16



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