SIMOTICS S Servomotors
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08 May 2020
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SIMOTICS S Servomotors

Highest standards for maximum efficiency
We offer the perfect SIMOTICS S Servomotors with functionalities for each application: a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, various built-in transmitters, a range of cooling types and protection classes, an integrated parking brake, plus other options. Fitted with a built-in type plate and DRIVE-CLiQ system interface, you will benefit from optimum interaction with our SINAMICS S110 and SINAMICS S120 drive systems.

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 Compact (CT)
The universal motor for a wide range of applications
Space-saving installation through very high power density
Large range of motors in the shaft heights 20 to 100
Preferred types with short delivery times are available

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 High Dynamic (HD)
The sprinter in the ramp-up time
Very high acceleration capability due to low rotor moment of inertia
For highly dynamic applications with low load moment of inertia

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 High Inertia (HI)
Docile control behavior with superior load inertia due to the high intrinsic moment of inertia
Reduced expenditure for controller optimization
Particularly suited for machine tools for feed axis applications requiring superior resp. alternating load inertia.


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